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Basewin: The Seven – About The Game

History of Noh'relia

In the year 100 P.H. (Before Man, ‘Prius Homo’), the Centaur King Gaht’gahn ruled over a peaceful West Noh’relian continent. Mankind, who always has and always will seek total power, revolted against the Centaur rule and invaded their kingdom. Thus, began the Hundred Year War otherwise known as the Human Revolution.

Most Centaur cities, including the Southern kingdom, were razed and the Centaur species was eradicated. Southern Noh’relia still lays in ruins. Very few poor souls still live there, but struggle to survive.

To win the war, the Humans enlisted the help of the Magnarians, an ancient race that ruled the continent before the Centaurs. Magnarians were known to be powerful sorcerers who could still control the magical elements, and bend nature to their will. These long-forgotten magicians shared many characteristics with Man and chose to side with them in their fight to overthrow the Centaurs.

There is no written history on what happened to the Magnarian race, or where they went, but to this day, it is rumored that the few Magnarians still living remain hidden in the shadows, disguised as Humans.


Who is Basewin?

  • Former Commander of the King’s army
  • He was wrongfully involved in a scandal and killed the corrupt King to protect the Kingdom’s citizens
  • After committing regicide, he disappeared to protect his family
  • He is in hiding in the Pudoris Valley
  • Basewin is multi-talented. He can use magic spells, use a bow, as well as fight with one-handed or two-handed melee weapons
  • He is a skilled negotiator and communicator

Reflections of Noh'relia

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