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Basewin: The Seven – Gameplay

The Objective: Kill The Seven

Basewin Firecutter Spell

Seven Regions

There are seven regions in Noh’relia, the fictional continent in the Basewin universe. Each of these regions is unique and has its own set of special quests and missions and is also home to one of ‘The Seven’. You must kill each one.

Seven Targets

The members of this group of ancients, also known as Magnarians, are the last remaining elders of an otherwise extinct race. You have very little information on where to find them, or even who they are. You must get creative.

How Do You Find The Seven in Basewin?

Prestige Points

PRESTIGE Points (PP) allow you to ask more questions to locals, therefore getting better clues. It also allows you to interact with NPCs that have special PRESTIGE Quests that point you in the right direction. But how do you get PP?


There are two ways to get PRESTIGE Points (PP) in Basewin: The Seven. First is to fight and kill creatures or enemies. When you help the locals by ridding them of problems, they reward you with trust.


The same is true for quests. When you complete side-quests, you will be awarded PP.

Basewin Magic Attack


Yes, you can choose to avoid many fights, and talk to villagers and noble men and women to discover new RUMORS. RUMORS are notes in your journal that will guide you towards your goals.

There is no difficulty setting right now but that may change. That being said, it's not a 'hand-holding' game. You will have to explore every nook and cranny, talk to every local, and gather as much information as possible to complete your mission.

The game is roughly 70% completed. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Map: 90% completed
  • Basewin Character: 100% completed
  • Enemies: 50% completed
  • Bosses: 25% completed
  • Story: 60% completed.
  • Weapons and armor: 90% completed
  • Spells: 80% completed
  • UI: 95% completed
  • Cinematics: 10% completed
  • Technical bugs: 85% completed

Hopefully by the end of 2020!

That's hard to say right now. Probably mid to end of 2021. It depends on funding and timing. For now, please make sure to 'Add To Wishlist' on STEAM!